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Vaga para a área de Secretariado Executivo


Excelente oportunidade para a área de Secretariado Executivo na UNICEF - Brasília

Nível: GS6
Duração do contrato: 12 meses, renovável.
Prazo para candidatura: 29 de setembro de 2013

Um breve resumo da vaga: 

Duties and Responsabilities

Administrative, executive assistance and secretarial support services to the Representative to facilitate smooth running of the Office and effective processing of information and data.

a) Helps manage the immediate office operations with respect to communications, meetings and work flow; identifies complex or sensitive subjects, and contacts, for special treatment as well as priority issues that need to be brought to the supervisor’s attention. As appropriate, provides information and guidance to staff at all levels within the organizational unit to ensure understanding of intent and deadlines;

b) Establishes internal tracking systems and procedures for correspondence and documents; monitor work progress and cases of priority and concern to the supervisor;

c) Arranges appointments and maintains supervisor’s calendar, receiving high ranking visitors, places and screens telephone calls and answers enquiries; Organizes high-level meetings including taking responsibility 
for finalization of the meeting agenda, invitations, the production and distribution of documentation, and preparation of minutes of meetings. Distribute meeting reports and information and ensure follows-up on 
required actions;

d) Organizes and facilitates the administrative work of the office including establishing internal procedures and tracking systems for correspondence and documents: receives screens and registers 
correspondence and documents;

e) Collects and prepare briefing materials for supervisor concerning official trips or special meetings. Undertake travel arrangements for supervisor, including arranging itinerary, visas, and hotel reservations. Ensure offices are informed of travel arrangements and requirements. Brief supervisor of important developments upon their return.

Approximately R$ 7,880.00 (This amount does not refelect the benefits deductions) 

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